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Our Mission


One day after meeting with a high paid branding consultant we sat down to create our mission statement. After scores of useless jargon, days of confusion, and a few losing bouts with a Thesaurus, we had an epiphany. Instead of a few abstract lines of wordy but meaningless text, we came up with a simple question that sums up our core offer. Why not?

That’s it. You may have missed it. After all of the thinking and mind numbing word play, the phrase continued to be yelled out over and over again during our brainstorm sessions was “Why Not?”

We were heading towards becoming an innovative and socially conscious company that would disrupt an industry and offer a valued added option to purchasing a commoditized product while offering a creative solution for global change (just kidding)... thankfully we came to our senses and remembered our job is to print t-shirts, not save humanity nor develop fancy mission statements.

Our value proposition is quite simple and logical:
There are over 1 billion shirts printed per year (more than cars, computers, iphones, shoes, umbrellas, lamps, you get the point)....


Along with high quality printing, industry leading prices, and grandmotherly customer service, we donate 25¢ per shirt to a charity of your choice in your name. Told you it was simple!

Every time you need shirts printed you can save money and help your favorite charity in the process, our little version of the ultimate win-win!

Our t-shirts don’t aggregate, they don’t quite disrupt anything, and they are not very innovative. They’re actually most likely the same as your last batch, as 97% of screen print shops use the same blank shirts, same ink, and the same print techniques. The only real difference is what we do with the profits (it’s true!).

Work with us today and help us help you help others!

Why not, right?

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